#01 Study Outstanding Food Photos

Look at portfolios of your favourite food photographers. Your goal is to pick 3 photos of two photographers and explore what you like about them. Observe what you feel when you look at these photos. Note down the feeling. You don’t have to be technically correct, whatever words come to mind, write it down.


I chose these photographers:


  1. Green a purple salad from helenedujardin...fabulous light, colors and background.
  2. Sweet cakes with red raspberries from katiequinndavies...I want to taste it, fresh, colorful, great light and I like the connection with hands.
  3. Another picture of fruits on baking tin from katiequinndavies...I like that angle, light, vibrant colors, props, styling, composition, it looks tasteful.
  4. Fresh plums on dark background from katiequinndavies...I love that angle, contrast of soft light and dark background, beautiful silver props. Great mood and also I would like to taste it.
  5. Raw meat with falling salt from teristudios...Great action, capture the movement, amazing light, wonderful angle and composition.
  6. Sweet cream cake with black raspberries from teristudios... great light, styling...just yummy.