#02 Identify Your Subjects

For the subjects you have chosen, today think about what you want to communicate through the photo. What do you want a photo to look like? What feelings should this photo communicate? How do you want to feel about the photo?

  1. Pick simple subjects. As you are learning don’t pick something like a curry or chili that will make learning complicated.
  2. Pick subject that can be readily available. If you choose a subject like homemade cake, are you going to make one or buy one every day?
  3. Raw veggies and fruits make super amazing subjects.

I have decided to photograph the food in two categories. What I like to eat and what I do not like to eat (but I will prepare it for my lovely husband:)

So, here my photo subjects:

  • red onion
  • spicies
  • bread, butter
  • vegetable, zucchini, cucumber...
  • fruits, banana, blueberries, lemon…
  • vintage antique brass and pewter bowl plate

I will use the dark background, because on first day I chose all of my favourite images like that. My focus is to bring a great mood to image by using light and colors.

And of course, I would like to create these feelings: "Wow, I want to taste it, it looks delicious!"