#04 Tell Your Story With Depth Of Field

Today you will learn how depth of field impacts storytelling. What story are you telling with your food photo? So how should you choose depth of field? You need to define what you are trying to communicate. Learn to make a conscious decision about depth of field. Don’t let it become an element you never actually think about. This one change will make you a more thoughtful food photographer.

  • Step 1 – Choose a subject that you want to photograph.
  • Step 2 – Set up the subject and whatever props/background you plan to use. Do not change this setting in the entire assignment.
  • Step 3 – For this subject, you have to take three different photograph. Photograph 1 – isolated photograph of the subject, but no props. Hint: Use as shallow dof as possible.
  • Step 4 – For photograph 2, your subject is situated/placed in the surrounding but is still the main focus. Use appropriate dof. Hint: Since subject is in the environment, use a little more depth than photograph 1, but not too much.
  • Step 5 – For photograph 3, the story is that the subject is one of the main items. How should your depth of field change? Hint: use dof so that everything in the frame is in focus.

I decided to photograph Camembert cheese from Netherlands.