#07 Week 01 Wrap Up

Today’s assignment is focused on making sure that whatever you’ve learned, you are able to internalize and digest it before we move forward. So this assignment does not involve taking a food photograph, but rather making sure you are taking the right steps, and day by day getting better. Today there are specific tasks each with a different purpose. Let’s look at them one by one.

  • Task 1 – Progress Update. The purpose of this task is to make sure you are spending few minutes and reviewing the progress you’ve made and the challenge you’ve encountered.
  • Task 2 – Your Photo of The Week. This past week you’ve taken lot of photos. The last task this week is to upload your best food photo from this last week.

When I look back on this week, I think the red onion from first day is my best photo. My biggest challenge is to style a photo and tell the story...The other two photos of cutting onion are from my today's work, I was trying different background for styling...they are trying to tell you some story about using onion in the kitchen. And it is of course not for my kitchen, because, I don't eat it :)

And i found another thing, I need to deal with. I dont know, what my style of photography exactly is. So I hope I will find it soon.