#14 Week 02 Wrap Up

Similar to last week, today’s assignment is focused on making sure that you are able to let the lessons from this week sink in. We will pause a little today and make sure you have time to catch up. Today’s assignment does not require you taking any food. Today again, you have three specific tasks – updating your progress, weekly discussion and selecting your best food photo.

  • Task 1 – Progress Update. Remember the purpose of this task? The goal is to pause and record what you have learned and tell yourself what needs to be improved. Ready? Start your progress update on Neel's website.
  • Task 2 – Weekly Discussion. In the comments on FB, tell us about your lighting equipment. If you use natural light, have you thought about using artificial light?
  • Task 3 – Optional – Your Best Food Photo This Week

So, this was really nice week full of great courses. I think I can understand deeply the importance of story telling. At not only that. There is also big importance to support this story with the right lighting and create the right mood, while using the right props styling. To use appropriate background to underline my story and use correct white balance too.

What can I say? Everything is about practice, practice, practice and study :)

I use mostly strobes (Falcon Eyes) to lighting my scene and some reflectors and other equipments. I dont use natural light because I have only south/west window there, not too much light during the early morning.

I do not have so much props as I wish to have, but I can still draw by light beautiful pictures and this one is one of my best pictures this week. I love the blue mood and styling.