#19 Style Your Food With An Expert

So to begin, you will do some research on how your food subject has been styled in some outstanding food photographs. If you find it, study that and understand how food styling has been done in this case. Is it minimalistic? Is the photo very moody?

  • Step 1 – Just like before, today again, select the subject. Ideally use the same food subject, you have been using last couple of days. This will give you an easy way to measure your improvements.
  • Step 2 – For your subject, you will do research in LFP on Pinterest and check if your subject is covered on it. If you don’t have a subject, go to Step 3. If you do have your own food subject inLFP on Pinterest go to step 4.
  • Step 3 – Since you are step 3, this would mean that your subject is not in LFP on Pinterest. So you’ll need to search on Pinterest and find one or more pictures that are photographed by amazing photographer.
  • Step 4 – Once you have found that photo, you need to analyze what food styling elements are used and note them down. Do a thorough analysis of elements used and note them down.
  • Step 5 – Bring the food out and take the photographs without looking at the notes.
  • Step 6 - Now refer to the notes that you have taken and style your food subject as what you have learned. It is okay if you can’t style this perfectly. One styling is done, take photos of your food subject.
  • Step 7– Just like previous assignments, compare photos from step 5 and step 6. Does the photo look any different? Is one of the two better?
  • Step 8 – Upload your best photo/s in Lesson 19 Album on the new Facebook Group (Do not share food photos that don’t belong to you in this group, you can share link to the Pinterest photo you liked).