#21 Week 03 Wrap Up

  • Task 1 – Progress Update. Tell us how this week went. Again, be detailed and thorough. This first assignment is for you to understand and communicate your progress and challenges.
  • Task 2 – Weekly Discussion. In the comments on FB, tell us about your food styling assignments. How did food styling assignments go? What questions about food styling do you have?
  • Task 3 – Optional – Your Best Food Photo This Week. Your next task is to share your best food photo you took this week (as part of this course) and post it in the facebook album.

This is my best photo of this week in my opinion. The last week I've really struggled with the overhead shots looking good. I need to more practice in this area. So, maybe this is my favourite angle for pictures. I like the using of the napkins, very open possibilities how to use it and it can create nice drama on photo. I think there is a good balance and harmony. And also this is my favourite plate:)


Again, my favourite angle. And here you can see also some garnish, which makes the picture really amazing.