#22 Create A Shotlist

Starting today you will learn how to prepare for your photo shoot. The next few days are about planning and preparation. Time is critical when photographing food. Planning helps you save time when you are working with food subject.

This list of shots, more commonly known as the shot list, includes all possible combination of camera angle, depth of field, prop arrangement, food styling, framing and everything else about food photography that you would like to capture during the shoot.

Will you like an overhead shot? What about a shot with silverware in it? One without any napkins? Another from a different angle? List all of these down on a piece of paper.

This will help you not only when you are ready to shoot, but also before the shoot you can use the list to make sure you have all the required props.

  • Step 1 – Today again, select the subject. Ideally use the same food subject, you have been using last couple of days.
  • Step 2 – Take five minutes and make a list of photos you would like to create for your subject. It is okay to go crazy.
  • Step 3 – Now start with the first photo idea on your list. What all elements do you need to accomplish this? Do you have props you need, or lighting? Note these things and move to the second photo. Do the same exercise and capture the elements for all remaining photos on your shot list.
  • Step 4 – Take a photo of your shot list and upload your shotlist photo in Facebook Album for Lesson 22.

This is my best photo of today's photo shooting.

I decided to photograph fruit dessert panna cotta today. So, my SHOTLIST consists of:

  • My story is about sweet delicious dessert in late afternoon
  • I have to look at my props, tools, garnishes and think about what I need for my story. My choice is to use some napkins, silver fork, glass, fresh fruits, cake, chocolate and fresh mint
  • Angles… as I am not so good in overhead shots, I need to try this one at first. And later another camera angle between 0-45 degrees
  • Food styling - I have some idea, but it will looks like this: styling, photography, analysis, correction, styling again ... etc. etc. etc. ... until I am satisfied :)

My photos I want to make:

  • overhead shot with napkin, silver fork and garnish, everything sharp
  • 45 degrees camera angle the same scene

I see one problem here, the dessert is white and my plate too...I have to fix it next time :)