#25 --- Take A Photo And Add Copy

One of the elements of composition is use of space. Space in terms of art and frame is separated into negative space and positive space. Positive space is defined by the space that the object/food subject occupies. Negative space is anything around the food subject. However, negative space doesn’t work if placed abruptly. Negative space works only if photo “feels” cohesive.

If you are a food blogger, you can create photos with negative space and leave them as is, or add recipe name in the negative space.

In magazines as well space is used with the intent of placing graphics or placing copy. In those cases, photographers carefully compose the frame with copy in mind.

  • Step 1 – Just like before, today again, select the subject. Ideally use the same food subject, you have been using last couple of days. This will give you an easy way to measure your improvements.
  • Step 2 – Using negative space, take a photo with large negative space. Take 4 photos at least – one with space above your subject, one with space below your subject. Next space to the right and space to the left. You can try more photos by changing your frame orientation.
  • Step 3 – Add Recipe Title or Story Title on your photo.
  • Step 4 – Once you do step 2 and 3, upload the best photo/s in Facebook Album for Lesson 25.