#29 Learn Simple Post Processing

Of all the tools you can use in post processing, there are few that you should absolutely know how to do. Here are those three adjustments.

  1. Adjusting exposure – Learn how to change exposure, technically different than brightness, but some tools use it interchangeably.

  2. Adjusting white balance – White balance is important setting in food photography. Color of food can make food unappetizing when the color is not exactly same.

  3. Removing dust and other noise – Dust is something that invariably gets in the camera and can destroy the entire photo. Dust sometimes gets on the camera sensor or can be on lens as well. Yes clean your sensor and lens, but also learn how to remove this in post processing.

  • Step 1 – The very first step for today’s assignment is to decide your post processing software. I use and highly recommend Lightroom. It simple and intuitive and love using it.
  • Step 2 – In your selected software, learn how to change white balance. Read help or go to software website to learn more about editing white balance.
  • Step 3 - Choose a photo to experiment this with. Set white balance to 5100Kelvin, save the photo. Change the white balance to 3500K and save. Now change white balance to 6000K. save the photo.
  • Step 4 – Post all these three photos and original photo in Facebook Group.
  • Step 5 – For some of you, this will take less than 5 mins to complete. For others who are not so experienced, it may take much longer. Please leave a comment below and give me feedback about this assignment. Was this too basic lesson? Or too challenging?

As I am Mac user, I love work with Aperture. I prefer to work with this tool that with Lightroom, especially with organising folders, ratings, key wordings, filtering etc., which I really need for my stock photos. Unfortunately it will be closed in next years :( So I am waiting what's next.

This task was easy for me, because I work with adjustments on daily basis.