#30 Decide Your Goals for Next 30 Days

  • Step 1 – GAINING KNOWLEDGE - Step 1 of this cycle is gaining knowledge. Learn about food photography and find resources to gain knowledge.
  • Step 2 – TAKING ACTION - But just gaining knowledge is not helpful. You also need to transform that knowledge into action. How will you do that? 1) The fastest upcoming opportunity to take action is DMBLGiT (Does My Blog Look Good in This) relaunch. 2) The facebook group will continue to operate but will be exclusive to 30DBFP participants. We will be introducing monthly challenges on this group later this month. So keep an eye out there.
  • Step 3 – GET FEEDBACK - The last and important step of this cycle is to get feedback. Taking action and not achieving result will only push you in a wrong direction faster. So take feedback. But take feedback from not your friends – they will too nice. Don’t take feedback from family – they probably don’t know what you do with that food thing ;). Take feedback from photographers you know and respect. Take feedback from fellow photographers.
  • Task 1 – Define Your 30 Day Goal. Step 1 – Identify just one area that you would like to improve in next 30 days. Don’t be generic, be very specific. For example don’t say “I would like to learn how to style.” Say ” I want to learn how to style a soup”. Step 2 – Share your one goal for next 30 days.
  • Task 2 – Get on LFP. Step 3 – In facebook Lesson 30album, share your best photograph from this course.
  • Task 3 – Get Feedback. The last task for today is to choose one photograph that you would like to get feedback. To get the most benefit, submit a photograph thoughtfully. Give as much information as you can to get the most out of this feedback exercise. Submit your photograph and enter the details about it.

Ma goal for next 30 days is to create at least 10 professional and adjusted food photographs every day. One subject every day - different camera angles, DOF, styling, garnishes, props, backgrounds... I would like to learn from that more about my preferences and style. Compare those pictures and see what is good and what I need to improve. And the best photo share for feedback.